Reasons Why CMFASExam Can Be Your Best Investment

9 Reasons Why Candidates Choose CMFASExam

We get it, there are a lot of options in the market. But why our users choose CMFASExam over the others? Here is a summary of reasons:

1. Utilize your fragment time

Have you calculated how many time you have wasted in your life in waiting and queuing? Wait for your colleague to assemble before a meeting start, wait for your friends to arrive before you can order, waiting for the bus and train .. the list goes on. What if you can make good use of this time? While holding the study manual and a book is not a feasible option, CMFASExam content is available to you with a handheld, available anytime and anywhere for you to study efficiently.

2. No printing and delivery cost means it is saving you money

While everyone is going paperless, CMFASExam content are delivery to you immediately after payment. Meaning you have saved not only a tree but the time cost for delivery and money in printing and delivery

3. Clear the concept immediately

It’s like doing maths, if you do not know the basic, you cannot move to the advanced maths such as integration. Same as the CMFAS exam, you are always recommended to clear the concept and have a full understanding before you move on to the next topic. With CMFASExam, we provide the answer to you immediately once you completed the question, that is the moment your memory in the question is fresh and no time is wasted searching or flipping the official study manual.

4. Leveraging the 80/20 Pareto’s rule

If you know about Pareto rule, you may know that its all about efficiency. 20% of the population owns 80% of the wealth in the world; 20% of the clients generate 80% of the revenue, it applies to everywhere. That is the same in university, the top 20% of university get 80% of the resources. You might have guessed it right already, 20% of your study time account for 80% of your results. The key is, make sure your 20% is well spent on tools that might help you

5. Never learn responsively

Responsive learning is a term coined in the 1980s, based on research that human learns most efficiently when they study proactively but not responsively. What does it mean? Do you remember better by reading a book or by sharing the concept to your friends and being asked by your friends to explain the concept further? With practice questions, you will put your brain into a proactive mode and learn much more efficiently.

6. Frequently updated database

The best thing about the softcopy version of study materials is that you can get the most updated content. The time required to print and publish a book will delay the information to the end users for at least 6 months. That’s a pretty long period of time in CMFAS examination.

7. Craft by heart and refined by many users

There is a golden rule, the more you get, the more you have, the less you get, the less you will have. What does it mean? The best university gets most of the top students applied; the best restaurant is always fully booked; the best doctor gets all the inquiries and surgery appointment; it’s always the best one gets it all. CMFASExam has been in the market for years and we are trusted by thousands and thousands of candidates. This gives us the chance to acquire more stats and feedback to refine our content that most suitable for the need for you to pass the CMFAS exam.

8. The structured time spaced learning

Research shows that the most efficient way to study is via time spaced learning. The magic number is 3 and the more the merrier. Conceptually it means if you are being asked or recall a memory 3 times or more, your brain will develop the neurons that strengthen your understanding of a concept in a much deeper level. In our premium access, our questions in structured carefully so that you will occasionally be asked the same concept from time to time if you go through our practice questions in sequence. You might not aware but we have helped you to develop the long term memory in your brain (at least long enough for you to take the exam)

9. The best investment is always for yourself

You might have spent hundreds on clothes, for fine dining, luxury items such as watches, jewelry, but why not knowledge for yourself? Research shows that successful people (not just in terms of yearly income) spend around USD700+ a year on knowledge, be it on books, courses, app or tools that help them learn new skills and acquire knowledge. Your life improves by learning and acquiring new items daily and the best investment is always for yourself ( the second experiences, i.e. travels )

I hope you find value in this article and if you like it, please share it to your friends and colleagues and help them improves their life as well. Feel free to drop us a message on Facebook or support email [email protected]; our support is 24x7x365 and we take each and every customer inquiry seriously.

Aidan Atkinson

Aidan Atkinson

Anthony is the Senior Exam Consultant in CMFASExam

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