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Immediately after enabling full access. You will access our enormous questions bank, practice and clear all the exam concepts and ensure you pass the CMFAS examination with eases.

Frequently Updated

All our content is frequently updated to ensure your time is well spent with the latest content. We constantly refine our content and make sure that all materials are up to date.

Save Precious Time

The most expensive currency in the world is time. That is something that you can never buy no matter how rich you are. CMFASExam carefully crafts our key study notes and practice questions so that you can excel in the exam with minimum time.

Avoid Overkilling

Do you know how many time spent on the exam is sufficient? Should you read the study materials 3 or 10 times to ensure a secured pass in the CMFAS exam? Our practice questions cover all the materials needed so that you can confidently sure you have studied them sufficiently. Avoid overkilling the exam, after all, all we want is a pass.

Premium Support

Our dedicated top-notch support team standby 24/7/365 to answer any of your inquiries. The fastest and best customer support – Guaranteed

Keep Your Brain Active

Do you know that an average human attention span in reading is roughly 27 minutes? After that, your brain will turn into a reactive state and you are merely reading the study materials line by line. Once you close the file, you remember nearly nothing. This can be solved by taking practice questions it forces your brain in an active status, your brain had to think and function when you are being asked a question.

Utilize Your Fragment Time

How does it sound if you can study a bit every day when your friend is late for lunch; you are traveling in the train; taking a bus to work or in the toilet? So that you can go home and rest because you have done your revision portion for the day. This can be achieved with CMFASExam, all our materials are available in a handheld, allowing you to study anytime and anywhere.

Secret Bonus Tips

Still struggling in CMFAS exam? Our secret bonus tips for premium user summarize, neatly and straight to the point 17 tips on how to improve your study efficiency by 39%.

Proven Study System

Take advantage of our carefully crafted practice questions, they are organized in a sequence so that it helps you to remember three times better.

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No printing means none of your money is wasted on any ink or paper and delivery fee. Never overpay a single dime again.

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As you may have already aware. CMFASExam relies 100% on words of mouth. We do not spend any money on advertisement and that means what you invest today all goes to the study materials. No single dime is wasted on Google, Facebook or any social media for advertisement.

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CMFASExam comes with a 100% success guarantee, but we do not stop here. We promise you will pass CMFAS exam with us. Your friends and colleagues will envy your professional title next to your name in Linkedin and you will get the next job promotion and opportunity easily.

We take your trust very seriously, and you have our promise that we will not rest until you pass the CMFAS exam by using our service. We believe in our service so much and we guarantee it for one year.

At any time, if you have not achieved success after using our service; if you do not improve your knowledge in preparing CMFAS exam; if you do not find our service and attention to your satisfaction top-notch and even if you are too busy working overtime at work and never get the chance to use our system – and we will give you another round of access completely for free. You can email to our support team and it will be sorted immediately.

If you aren’t satisfied we would not feel right keeping your money, so we make it easy to give you access for free. And just to be clear, there are absolutely no strings attached, no forms to fill out, nothing to prove and we promise we won’t question you. For the record, each year we have 1000+ candidates use our service and we haven’t had one single refund request.

In fact, we are so confident in our service and so sure you will be overwhelmed with gratitude for your new career, and your new life, that we’re making this promise… anyone who request a free access will receive, without question, hassle or any delay – Guaranteed.

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You Get The Best Deal

Get remarkable practice questions and powerful key study notes for less than a coffee a day. You invest to improve your market competitiveness and salary package with us

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There is nothing more valuable than time, it is the currency that everyone has and should be treasured the most. You save your valuable time to prepare the CMFAS exam and significantly lower the chance for the need to retake the exam

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CMFASExam has been in the market for decades. With years of experience, we fine-tune our questions and key study notes continuously. Giving you the top-notch practice questions and study materials to pass with ease

You Do Not Need To Worry About Any Software Issues

All our practice questions and key study notes support all computer, mobile, and tablet. One payment complete you can access immediately and no extra software is needed to access all the practice questions. Start instantly without hassle.

You Get The Newest And Fresh Content

All our practice questions and study materials are frequently updated by our dedicated exam team. Meaning every second of your time spent preparing the CMFAS exam with us is well worth. Help you to pass the exam easily – Guaranteed

You Are Protected By Our Risk-Free Guarantee

Buying online can be intimidating, as such our unconditional success guarantee provide you the best protection, not any reasons if you failed the exam, we will grant you another round of access for free.

You Memorize Exam Content Much Better With Us

All practice questions sequence in our system is carefully structured. Similar concepts will be tested in different angle to reinforce your memory, you will get yourself much better prepared for the exam with us than other vendors

You Pass The Exam Easily

With 98.8% passing rate from our previous candidates. We are very confident that our practice questions and tools will significantly boost your Exam passing rate.

Enjoyment Of Life

Preparing an exam should never be stressful. With CMFASExam, we prepare our all the tools you need with one single click. Help you to be superior and win the competition easily.

Real Users Feedback

Awesome service, sufficient practice questions and helped me to prepare for the module 9 exam easily.

Jada Quitzon


Access enabled immediately as promised after payment, glad that I found your site, ty.

Kyle Strong


Got no time to prepare the cmfas exam due to my busy day job, thx to cmfas, it helped me pass with ease. happy to provide my compliment to other users.

Bryson Cobb


I am an expat to Singapore and this exam is a headache as I haven’t studied any exam for a long while, the service is wonderful and helped me to tackle this licensing exam with ease! thank you very much.

Hudson Dow


Happy to provide this testimonial for users who are interested in cmfasexam service. I think I have only taken around 50% of the questions they have. good enough for me to pass with high score. I wish they support module 10 as well.

Kashton Mack


Gladly provide this testimonial and my recommendation to cmfasexam, good value of money if you want to handle this exam as quickly as possible. I merely only study whenever I am free, just squeeze out some of your time everyday and you will get it passed with cmfasexam’s tool

Aayushman Rao


Probably the best investment I have ever made passed cmfas exam in one goal.

Sushubh Mittal


I am very satisfied with the service CMFASEXAM provided and glad I have enrolled to help me get through the exam

Davian Alexander


Big thx guys, passed yesterday M3 ! for those who are interested to pass cmfas as well, I can recommend CMFASEXAM, practice all their questions twice and you will pass easily

Philip Holt

I am a happy customer from cmfas exam and happy to share their service to my colleagues and friends.

Esteban May

Passed with ease, useful practice questions as promised. Will use your service again in my future cmfas exam.

Dominic Fraser

Promised CS support Emma to provide this testimonial, simply put, I strongly recommend cmfasexam for anyone who wanted to pass the exam easily.

Kenneth G. Young

The best thing I like about your service is that questions comes with explanation, it saves me a lot of time to search and find the answers from the study manual.

Larry E. Harrell

As a father, time is very limited for me to prepare the exam. Glad I found your service! great job.

Thomas E. Wright

Simply awesome service! Will be better if it offers USD payment and supports wire transfer. But in all, questions bank from CMFASEXAM helped me to acquire the licensing qualification seamlessly.

Larry E. Harrell

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Can I Study Myself?

Yes you can. A a matter of fact, any exam can be prepared by yourself. But you will end up spending a lot of time preparing the notes, extracting the areas that may be tested. Invest a lot of your energy and time and hoping you will pass the exam in one goal. Let us do all the heavy works so that you can pass it in one goal.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Here at CMFAS, we are with strict confidence that our question bank and study materials can help you to pass CMFAS examination.  Therefore, if you for any reasons, failed the exam, we will grant additional 90 days of access you have purchased within 1 year for free.


For example, if you have enabled CMFAS module 1A 90 days of access and have failed the exam. Within one year of time from the first purchase date, we will grant additional 90 days of access for you for free until you have passed the exam.


*Candidates are required to provide failed exam screenshot with candidate name for proof, this is to avoid any reselling of our premium account.


CMFASEXAM have the rights for any decision and any decision is deemed final.

CMFASExam structure our unique study materials and quiz bank via our via full-time CMFAS team. Our team members attend the examination from time to time to ensure all the study materials and examination banks adhere to the recently examined format.

This is a great question and we are glad that you asked. Our product worth every dollar you invest in yourself today:

  1. Extremely Affordable: We send our colleagues to attend the exam, carefully craft our own unique questions, and structure them in a sequence that will help you to memorize better in the exam. You will benefit from our advanced learning system and enormous questions bank.
  2. You Save More With Us: You save a lot of money using our product as you will pass in your first attempt. Our candidates achieve up to 98% passing rate and you will be the next candidate.
  3. Your Time Is Priceless: Time is a currency that cannot be reproduced. We believe your time should be spent on other important tasks and be with your friends and families. This is why we prepared all the required practice materials and key study notes for you to maximize your study efficiency.
  4. Cheap Will Cost You More: Why settle for the second option and go for the second-best vendor? With the price we listed today, it covers all exam concepts and ensures you are well prepared before you match into the exam room.
  5. You Will Never Spend Too Much Investing Into Yourself: We go for the best college, supreme education for our children because we know they will pay the highest dividend. With less than a coffee a day, you invest in yourself and get the best quality of service – Guaranteed.
  6. Fresh And Newest Content: Our practice questions updated frequently and adhere to the real exam format. Ensure every second you spend is well spent and enjoy the highest quality of service.
  7. You Invest Wisely: As you might have noticed, we have not placed advertisements in Google, Facebook, or any platform, meaning each and every dollar you invest today is into the practice questions for you to quash the exam.

All of CMFASExam study materials and quiz bank comes in soft copies version only. This will ensure all the information is the latest updated version and no logistic delivery time is required.

All information comes in online version only, so that you will always get the latest updated version of the content. If you wish to study offline, you can print the content via your browser.

Once payment complete, your account will be granted with full access to the study materials and quiz bank. You can mouse-hover to the menu tab enabled to your account for access.

To respect IBF copy rights, we will never copy the content of the real examination. Our study materials and quiz bank is designed in a way to highlighted the recently examined concepts. This will enable candidate to familiar with the tested content and to increase the passing rate.

As a mater of fact any vendor that claims they will offer practice questions exactly the same you will see in the exams is not practice because the breath of the exam database is very large and is impossible for candidate to merely memorize the content without knowing the underlying concepts.

Due to the nature of our business, we regret that we do not have any refund policy.

However, if you have purchased the CMFAS examination module mistakenly, we can switch the account access to the correct module given the request is raised within the same calendar day.

We only capture your email address for sending you the payment receipt. No personal information such as name, credit card number and address will be captured by us.

The exact number of questions varies for each CMFAS Exam as our examination team remove and add questions to our premium content. We ensure a sufficient amount of practice questions are provided to cover all of the examination content.

Yes, we believe that the best way to prepare for the exam is to allow the candidate to understand the underlying rationale right after each of the questions.

Since candidates comes with different experience and background, the exact number of time to study varies. Generally, candidate who able to complete over 70% of our question bank will dramatically increase your exams passing rate.

Yes, we offer an additional 10% discount if you purchase two or more modules together. Furthermore, all of the modules purchased together will have 120 days of access (30 days more than a single purchase)

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Yes, team purchase is available. Please contact [email protected] for corporate or team level purchases.

Invest Into Your Success For less Than One Coffee A Day

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Price Will Be Increased Periodically Without Prior Notice